Turn Your Customers

Into Your Ambassadors!

With Private Label Water Bottles

Custom-labelled bottle of water can be a powerful tool to promote your company. Give a personalised water bottle to a happy customer to create a talking point, or sell it to help grow your organisation or business.

At Aspire Body and Lifestyle our clients receive our private label water bottle every time they visit. When they leave they take it with them, it has become a talking point around our business area as they are now our walking business card.

Janine Viner

Aspire Body & Lifestyle
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More Than Just Branded Bottles

Customised water bottles are a versatile way to get your message or brand to a wider target audience than just traditional marketing. From conferences and events to fundraising and day-to-today business, these bottles are the perfect way to build exposure and raise the profile of your organisation with professionally-looking merchandise. Let us help you build your brand or business; order your privately labelled water bottles today and become the brand that everyone’s talking about!

Everyone Can Benefit From Privately Labelled Bottled Water

Not For Profits

Printer your logo and info on how to donate on your bottles and sell them at fundraising events or expos. Grow awareness of your cause while making a small return.

Trade Shows

Entice potential customers to your stall and give them something to remember you by. You can also simply trade a customised bottle of water for an email address to add to your mailing list.

Conferences & Seminars

Promote your services and future events with free water giveaway at your conference or seminar. People pay attention to water bottles in other people’s hands. Utilise this space by announcing your next offering.

Sports Clubs

Sport is a thirsty work. Support your team and make your sports event stand out with unique bottled water, while keeping everyone hydrated. Bonus points if your chosen team wins!

Restaurant, Hotels & Cafes

Let your patrons promote your business with customised water bottles as they travel to local events or tourist attractions, providing you with free advertising wherever they go.

Gyms & Fitness Centres

Water is a must at the gym. Allow your gym members to show to others where they get their great form from. Build exposure and add extra value to your clients’ membership.

Real Estate Agencies

Remind your clients who to rely on when making one of the biggest decisions of their lives. Professionally looking water bottle will also build an instant reminder of your details and reinforce your image.

Car Yards

Add that little bit extra after the excitement of buying or test-driving a new car. Let the branded bottles in the car show everyone getting a lift in the new car where it was purchased from.

Order your private label
water bottles today

Get your business or organisation ahead with Private Label Bottled Water. Whether you’re building your brand or promoting a particular cause or event, custom labelled water bottles will effortlessly carry your message with your customers. Our pure water, recycled bottles and high-quality durable labels will also help position you as a professional, forward thinking and environmentally aware company. Fill in the enquiry form and order customised water bottles with your brand message and details today.

Our product range

Private Label Bottled Water are proud to offer a range of bottle styles to suit your individual needs and branding. The water bottles come in various sizes and shapes, creating a versatile and fully personalised advertising in your clients’ hands. The quality of the water, plastic and labels is rigorously tested to guarantee healthy and safe product to enhance your company’s image.

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